About Us

Fabloe is in the business of selling fabric – fabrics that are sourced from across the country, fabrics that are handcrafted with love, care and attention to detail, fabrics that provide livelihood to families that are working to keep the craft of weaving alive in India. Fabloe sells fabrics to businesses as well as individuals, online as well as in-store. Fabloe is your destination of choice for all your indigenous fabric needs.

How and why it all started: Fabloe’s Business and Social Motive

Fabloe was born in July 2016, when a youngster with an entrepreneurial bug, passion for fashion, and genuine respect for the weaves and weavers of India, decided to sell handmade fabric.

Driven by a genuine desire to promote authentic ethnic and traditional weaves, this young man visited several villages in remote areas of India, where he saw the beautiful weaves that emerged from the relentless toil of weavers.


Fabloe has stores in Chennai located at Sowcarpet and Adyar if you’d like to touch and feel before you buy.

A visit to Texvalley in Erode further strengthened the resolve to make a career in selling fabrics.

He’d found his calling: to achieve his business motive of dealing with high quality hand crafted fabrics to an appreciating and discerning customer base, and at the same time fulfilling his social motive of keeping alive the timeless and rich variety of weaves that our country has to offer, and offering livelihood to the artisans and creators of these weaves.

A humble start of selling on Facebook, WhatsApp and exhibitions received encouraging response. Enthused by this, and catalysed by some international orders, the business began to grow.

Accessing Fabloe’s Fabrics Today

Today, in addition to Facebook, WhatsApp and exhibitions, Fabloe is doing B2C as well as B2B transactions in Erode, Bengaluru, Chennai, and international locations.

And we sell online through our extremely user friendly website (https://fabloe.in/)


In less than a year, what started as a small venture, has grown to a full-fledged enterprise, and a name to reckon with, in the Indian fabric selling space.